Launch of Thistle Bonding 60, a new patching product to help speed up small repair jobs

An innovative new undercoat plaster that decreases setting time by as much as two thirds.

The revolutionary product has all the attributes of original Thistle BondingCoat plaster, but with a much shorter setting time of just 60 minutes, meaning it’s ready to finish in 75 minutes. Effectively, this means installers can double their productivity on repair work, potentially even having the time to complete two jobs a day instead of one.

The new product is ideal for patching deep holes or chases, and is available in a 10kg re-sealable tub or 12.5kg and 25kg bags. The different sizes reflect the needs of different trades, the tub and smaller bag is ideal for the occasional user while the larger bag suits those who regularly do patch and repair work or those that have a large job planned.

Thistle Bonding 60

Gareth Dunn, Innovation Project Manager at British Gypsum, explains: “After spending time working on site with a range of installers, it’s clear that a lot of time is being spent waiting for undercoats to set. On smaller jobs in particular, this makes up a substantial amount of the overall time spent working on that project.”

Plasterer Ken Smith got the chance to try out the new plaster during the trial of Thistle Bonding 60. Ken said: “I used the product to repair a small patch on a wall and thought it was very good. The quicker setting time meant I was able to bond, patch and skim it all in one visit. Using the 12.5kg bag meant I didn’t have to open a big bag of plaster and waste product too. Definitely five stars from me!”

Thistle Bonding 60 joins British Gypsum’s existing Thistle One Coat Plaster and Gyproc EasiFill 20 products to create a new trade patching range. Together the range offers plasterers and builders, as well as electricians, plumbers and decorators, a tailored collection of products that are perfect to use to repair holes, fill in pipe or cable chases or finish walls.

Thistle One Coat allows users to make a deep fill with a single application and create a good standard of finish even when wet, without the worry of cracking or shrinkage.

Rounding off the patching range is British Gypsum’s Gyproc EasiFill. With a working time of one hour, or 20 minutes when using Gyproc EasiFill 20, the plaster can be trowelled smooth when wet, or sanded smooth when dry. It provides the perfect base for decorating quickly and doesn’t need any expert plastering skills to apply.

All products are available from your local trade supplier. Find out more about Thistle Bonding 60

Thistle Bonding 60

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