On-site advice from our Plaster Demonstrators

Our team of Plaster Demonstrators meet people on-site to give guidance on new products, techniques and systems.

Whilst product literature and ‘how to’ videos are really useful for tradespeople getting to grips with new products, such as Thistle Bonding 60, nothing can beat gaining first-hand training on-site in real situations.

Recently one of our Plaster Demonstrators, Paul Mulinganie, went to visit Novus Property Solutions who were working on a nursing home renovation in Birmingham.  The purpose of the visit was to showcase some of British Gypsum’s new plaster products in a real world setting, and to demonstrate the features and benefits of Thistle Bonding 60.

Thistle Bonding 60 is a rapid setting undercoat plaster. Ready to skim over in just 60 minutes (on low suction backgrounds – the setting time is even quicker on higher suction backgrounds), the team was able to save more than two hours in drying time on this job when compared to using standard undercoat plasters. Applied like any other undercoat plaster, the team found it straightforward to mix and apply and before they knew it they were ready to skim.

On site plaster demonstrator advice

Throughout the day Paul worked alongside the Novus team, showing how best to apply the product and then guiding their operatives as they tried the products for themselves.

Dave Shelley, who was the Project Manager at Novus Property Solutions, commented: “The Plaster Demonstrator’s knowledge and skills are invaluable. Being shown first-hand how the products  work and how they can help us to do the work we do better for everyone in the chain is so much better than reading some brochure or watching a video online”

If you’ve got an upcoming project where you would like some on-site guidance please feel free to get in touch. View our Plaster Demonstrator page for contact details.

Our Plaster Demonstrator supported Novus Property Solutions on-site

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