Steel encasements (C03)

This section contains steel encasement systems that provide up to 180 minutes of fire protection to structural steel columns and 120 minutes for structural steel beams and joists.

Passive fire protection is a vital component of any fire safety strategy. It safeguards people’s lives and limits the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents. The protection of the superstructure from fire is especially important, as once its integrity is compromised, the whole building’s stability will be at risk.

We have two types of solution:

  • FireCase – C03. S02. P02. - A frameless structural steel encasement where the board linings are fixed to themselves to minimise space intrusion. The system can be used in buildings before they are fully watertight to improve speed of project handover
  • GypLyner encase – C03. S03. P02. - A metal framed structural steel encasement system for greater flexibility of installation

Each system section takes you through the process of selecting the required lining type and thickness to provide a range of standard structural steel beam, column and joist sizes with the fire protection level needed.

Both systems are able to accept standard methods of finishing; tape and joint or Thistle skim plaster, to aesthetically match surrounding elements. An aesthetic finish is not necessary with the FireCase system to maintain its fire performance.

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White Book System Selector

White Book System Selector

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