CasoLine Quick-Lock Corridor System (C09 S08)

A corridor ceiling system that combines acoustics, aesthetics and accessibility.

CasoLine Quick-Lock Corridor System provides the ideal solution for corridor ceilings. It combines the aesthetics and sound absorption qualities of Gyptone Plank with easy access to services concealed within its plenum. It is quick and simple to install, and provides a demountable system that is easy to remove, replace and even reposition if required.

Key benefits

  • Gyptone plank and CasoLine Quick-Lock can be easily removed by hand, providing total uninterrupted access to the services above for future maintenance
  • Suspended ceilings are usually prone to damage in frequently accessed service areas as they cannot normally be easily removed. CasoLine Quick-Lock Corridor System provides easy access to plenum services within corridors, through a completely un-suspended grid that can span up to 2.4m
  • There is no requirement to install hangers or soffit supports for spans 2.4m or less (1.8m if insulation laid on back); making setting out, installation and removal much easier
White Book - Sound absorbing solutions - CasoLine Quick-Lock Corridor System

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White Book System Selector

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