GypWall Staggered (C04 S06)

Staggered stud acoustic partition system.

GypWall Staggered is a non-loadbearing stud partition incorporating a single framework with staggered studs. This provides very high levels of sound insulation with minimal footprint. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including student accommodation, hotels and offices, where the optimal balance of acoustic performance and partition width are required.

Key benefits

  • Reduced sound transmission is achieved by staggering alternate studs within a single framework, which partially decouples the plasterboard linings on each side of the partition
  • Acoustic performance, comparable to a twin frame partition system, is achievable when using the 92 / 148 combination, with the footprint of a single frame solution
  • Capable of meeting regulatory acoustic requirements for separating walls in residential conversion projects where space is at a premium
  • Allows the inclusion of pattresses to each side of the system without compromising acoustic performance when using 92 / 148 combination
White Book - Partitions - GypWall Staggered

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