CAD details for British Gypsum systems are available to download via the White Book System Selector

In order to download Autodesk AutoCAD .dwg files for your selected system, you must be registered and logged in to the White Book System Selector. You can find out how to use the White Book System Selector in the following video.

A range of typical details for British Gypsum systems are available via the White Book System Selector including:

Partitions and linings

  • Base, fixed head and wall abutment
  • Corner and splayed angle
  • T-junction
  • Door openings
  • 15mm and 25mm Deflection heads


  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Perimeter (fixed / unfixed)
  • Change of level
  • Bulkhead


  • Column / beam encasement junctions
  • Column / beam partition junctions


  • Angles and movement joints
  • Ceiling and partition junctions
  • Window and door reveals
  • Lintels
  • Dissimilar backgrounds

The White Book System Selector also includes the functionality to search by system reference, making it easy to find the information you need for your project. 

CAD details in PDF format are also available via our systems overview section.

White Book System Selector

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