Make the space flexible

Collaborative office spaces need to be able to flex and adapt to meet the users’ needs to be successful.

The space may have to accommodate a wide range of activities and therefore needs to have flexibility in the design, furniture layout and include a range of tools such as IT connections, interactive surfaces and even digital walls for video calls.

The same space could be used for a highly interactive session in the morning, followed by a completely different purpose immediately afterwards with possibly a very different set of performance requirements.

Create flow and energy with curved walls

Ideal for spaces where informal, social and creative interactions are desired, curved walls may not be as common, but walls that curve and bend automatically bring a sense of flow and energy to a room.

Curved walls can enhance the interior aesthetic and including flexible boards can create these attractive curved walls and ceilings, with a choice of smooth or textured finish to complement the interior design.

While straight walls deliver crisp, clean lines and are easy to work with, curved walls offer something rather different. To find a solution that will transform your project click here

Inspire interaction and shared ideas with a magnetic wall Another important aspect of collaboration is for employees to be able to interact with one another and share ideas. In fact, sharing ideas plays a fundamental role in collaborative work environments, as it fosters the creation of shared understanding, supports the coordination of activities and provides a shared memory for the group.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help employees share content is to include a magnetic wall within a working space. A magnetic wall can help a group organise thoughts, conjure up mood boards or even showcase ideas; paper can be mounted on the wall and moved around quickly and easily.

Finish it with a blackboard or whiteboard paint for an added dimension

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster provides a smooth, high quality surface that attracts magnets and can be used to create a highly interactive space. Ideal for finishing a wide range of backgrounds, including undercoat plasters and plasterboards, it provides a durable base for applying decorative finishes such as blackboard or whiteboard paint. It is applied in the same way as normal plaster, but a little thicker at between 3-5mm. Find out more about it here