Architects: KANT Arkitekter

Contractors: Enemærke & Petersen A/S

“When the children went into the school before it was renovated they would scream and shout, even the teachers would speak loudly in class.  After the school was renovated, the level of noise gradually fell as the pupils and teachers got used to the new acoustics”  - Jesper Møgelhøj, Kant Arkitekter.

Architect Møgelhøj is delighted that the sustained effort to retain the perforated ceilings meant that the outcome fulfilled all acoustic, functional and architectural requirements.

Gyproc cooperated closely with the architects and acoustic engineers to find solutions that, on the one hand, made it possible to meet the more demanding acoustic requirements but, on the other, were also able to meet the architects’ desire for visual expression – for example, a preference to retain the perforated plasterboard ceilings – and the need for easy maintenance. The result was recognised as a great success.

Evidence Space - Dyveke School Acoustics

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