Numerous studies have shown links between health and well being, and the built environment, and understanding the factors that create a healing environment can improve patient recovery time and satisfaction.

The concept of creating a building conducive to patient recovery isn’t new, explore the History of Evidence Based Design to understand how it dates back to the Ancient Greeks, with temples designed to designed to surround patients with nature, music and art to restore harmony and promote healing.

Despite the many benefits, there are economic barriers to implementing evidence based design in modern healthcare projects. Central to the business case is the need to balance one-time construction costs against ongoing operating savings and revenue enhancements, which we have outlined in the business case for EBD in healthcare.

We have also looked at how staff productivity can be increased through healthcare building design and show how a well designed layout of patient units and rooms can reduce staff walking, fatigue and stress, allowing nurses and other healthcare staff to have more time to provide care to patients.

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