About us

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of interior lining systems, British Gypsum’s mission is to develop innovative products and services that help customers build better spaces to live, work and play. Evidence Space is our platform to share the knowledge that we have gained from working with the leading EBD academics, researchers, designers, clients and building users, providing a collection of evidence based design material which can be used to inspire and inform your building design decisions.

 Alongside our evidence based design articles, news and blogs we have included real-life case studies which bring the theory to life showing tangible benefits for building users. In addition to Evidence Space we will also run regular webinars, roundtables and events which spark debate and allow everyone involved in the process of designing a building to have their say. If you would like to be involved in shaping the next generation of buildings either by contributing to Evidence Space or participating in our events please email evidencespace@saint-gobain.com.