Social housing that's built to last

Peabody Trust - Affordable Housing solution

Bethnal Green, London

Peabody Trust makes affordable homes hard-wearing and sustainable

Thistle two-coat plaster helps the 45 affordable homes save energy while withstanding knocks and scrapes.

Thistle BondingCoat was perfect for use on the concrete walls, as it is really flexible and creates a good, solid finish. Using a two-coat plaster system also made it easy to cover difficult to reach areas common in stairwells.

David Giles – MDG (UK) Ltd

MultiFinish is great to work with as it’s so versatile. Not only does it give an overall high quality finish, it is also ideal for touching up problem areas and for use on smaller jobs. This saves a lot of time and money, as there is no need to invest in other products.

David Giles – MDG (UK) Ltd 

By using a two-coat plaster system in the stairwell and corridor areas, we managed to make a real cost saving. It is quick and easy to install and the time saved by using this system allowed the team to focus on other areas of importance. It’s great that we were able to make this saving without compromising on the performance of the plaster.

Matthew Clegg, Sustainability - Manager at Galliford Try
  • Client: Peabody Trust
  • Main Contractor: Galliford Try
Peabody Trust, Affordable Housing solution