VRC Homes install Gyproc Habito plasterboard as standard giving the homeowner a much better product

VRC Homes

Southery, Norfolk

Innovative partnership helps raise the standard of VRC Homes

Determined to build better, VRC Homes specify British Gypsum’s innovative products as standard

Building better’ is the very essence of a VRC home. For Managing Director Michael Philpott his use of Gyproc Habito plasterboard throughout his exclusive development in Southery exemplifies everything he believes about the need for developers to stay focused on the buyer.

“We immediately realised the potential of Gyproc Habito plasterboard as a way of building strength and resilience into our homes. Our method of construction is all about speed, we’re selling homes quicker than we can build them and Gyproc Habito adds up, not only financially, but critically, gives the home owner a much better product. Simple”.

VRC Homes are built using a ‘hybrid steel frame’ model which Michael recognises is distinctly different to the norm in the UK housing market, working with partners such as British Gypsum underpins the integrity and quality of a VRC Home. Michael adds: “the very essence of a VRC Home is all about quality. From the moment a VRC Home is under construction we’re working to incredibly high quality standards. In part, this is down to the type of construction method we’re using but it’s vital to us that when we hand over a property it has all the quality hallmarks of a VRC Home - it’s innovative partnerships with firms like British Gypsum that enable us to feel a great sense of pride in our work.  We’re determined to build better, there are no excuses for anything less.”

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