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Fairgrove Homes’ Managing Director explains his ”fabric first” approach to building homes

Innovative products win over buyers

Fairgrove Homes Managing Director Steve Midgley is committed to building homes that are simply better! But a partnership with British Gypsum has enabled Fairgrove to take this commitment to quality one step further, as Steve explains: “since we started the company we’ve always considered two things - first, what do our customers want and second, how can we make that real?  When British Gypsum approached us we immediately saw the value in the range of innovations - this really does take us one step further.  Previous improvements to properties have been bolt ons - intelligent lighting, networking systems and so forth.  Gyproc Habito and Silent Floor in particular really get to the fabric of the home - the hard to reach places that a homeowner wouldn’t really touch.”

Steve is keen to share his thoughts on the broader brand-perception opportunity this partnership brings: “we’re in a highly competitive market and it’s vital that we deliver a fantastic product.  Our reputation is incredibly important, we’re also developing a site that over the years has received a great deal of attention so we owe it to the existing community and new residents at the Kimberley Brewery site to build homes that reflect the importance and value of this historic site.”

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