Innovative solutions add real weight to Cumbrian Homes’ brand

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Cumbrian Homes installs innovative product as standard

Developer differentiates its properties in a market with stiff competition

Quality is at the heart of a Cumbrian Home. Priding itself on building homes that far surpass their nearest rivals when it comes to quality finishes, materials and finishing details.  It’s how they differentiate their properties in a market with stiff competition. As Cumbrian Homes’ Commercial Manages Scott Edwards explains: “We’re really keen that our homes offer far more for their money than a rival property so we were really keen to be the first developer in Cumbria to offer value-added innovations from British Gypsum. It completely fits with our ethos about building better, ensuring the customer ends up with a home that is superior from the kitchen and bathrooms all the way through to the fabric of the home.

When Cumbrian Homes embarked on its partnership with British Gypsum they didn’t anticipate that visitors to the show home would immediately realise the potential of Gyproc Habito, ThistlePro Magnetic plaster or Silent Floor, but nothing could be further from the truth, as Scott continues: “we get visitors to the show home asking to see the British Gypsum systems by name, we get really positive feedback, and it’s great to hear customers actually reference “these are the houses with Gyproc Habito”, we never imagined that would be the case.

Cumbrian Homes made the bold decision of offering three properties that incorporated the British Gypsum systems at an increased price over and above an equivalent property, feedback from customers very quickly consolidated Cumbrian Homes’ decision to roll the products out across the development. As Scott concludes: “Our partnership with British Gypsum totally makes sense - from the feedback from potential buyers to the home owners now living at Carleton Manor Park, and of course, the financials make sense, there’s no question, our use of British Gypsum’s advanced solutions is adding real weight to our brand locally.

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