New build or old build? new build wins this time

Bill and Erica Clarke, owners of a Ralston Properties home

Rugby, Warwickshire

Ralston Properties home wins the hearts of Warwickshire couple

Gyproc Habito plasterboard and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster change the perception of new builds

Bill and Erica Clarke had long been divided about the virtues of purchasing a new build home, with Erica’s heart set on a new build property and Bill’s leaning towards an older property the couple couldn’t agree. That was until they visited Rosemary Gardens, a Ralston Properties development in the heart of Rugby, Warwickshire.

As Erica explains: “we haven’t had a brilliant experience of new build properties, we’ve done some DIY at our daughter’s London home and it’s been really disheartening to hang curtain poles up just to watch them fall down again, but I love the idea of a home that nobody has lived in before so I was keen to convince my husband we could find the perfect home.

The couple fell upon a Ralston Properties development in Rugby. As Bill tells us: “I’m not a huge fan of DIY so when we discovered the build quality of a Ralston Properties home, using Gyproc Habito plasterboard and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster we’d overcome some of my reservations about new builds. Since we moved in, DIY is really very very simple. No extension leads, power tools and absolutely no mess, hanging heavy pictures and shelving couldn’t be easier.

Erica absolutely loves her home and enjoys telling friends about the quality of their home as she explains: “many of our friends have questioned our decision to buy a new build mainly because of things like flimsy walls, but I’ve loved telling them about our house, I love showing friends just how strong our walls are.

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