The quality of the build determined who I bought my new house from

Jo Parker,

delighted buyer of a Lovell Home

Homebuyers value build quality

Discover why Jo Parker bought a Lovell Home over a local competitor

Jo and her partner were determined to find their perfect family home but after pulling out of a purchase of a new build due to quality issues, they were sceptical that they would ever find their dream home, that was until they visited the Lovell Homes’ development, Heath Farm in Holt.

Jo explains “we were fully committed to new build mainly because of the ease of living – you’re buying perfection, but after pulling out of a purchase because of poor quality we really examined the quality of the Heath Farm development.  We were very very pleasantly surprised. We were shown the innovations from British Gypsum and this gave us absolute confidence that Lovell had thought through the realities of family-life and how that can be translated into the build”.

Like many families, Jo and her partner and children have a busy life, so Jo could easily see the advantages of living in a home with Gyproc Habito, Silent Floor and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster.  Jo explains “we’ve lived in a static caravan for many months while we’ve been searching for our dream home so to be able to just simply and effortlessly move into a house with super strong walls sounds too good to be true. It’s so important to us to quickly settle into a new routine and being able to personalise our walls without any effort is just great”.

Jo was keen to incorporate ThistlePro Magnetic plaster into her home too: “we also chose a Magnetic Wall on the main wall in the kitchen diner which will have multiple uses, not least of all keeping track of our families’ activities.  The greatest advantage though is having Silent Floor.  My partner is often up very early for work so being able to get up and get on with his day without disturbing the rest of the house is fantastic.  Individually, the British Gypsum products are great, but combined, they really do separate Heath Farm from other developments when it comes to real quality”.

“we pulled out of purchasing from another local developer due to their poor build quality” Jo Parker

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