Busy people, busy lives Gyproc Habito plasterboard wins hands down

The Reetham’s self-build family home

Great Carlton

Given the choice this home owner chooses the best innovations for her home

Why one self-builder opted for innovative products that delivered more than the standard

When describing the thinking that drove their decision making when specifying materials for their self-build project, Sharron Reetham said; "Every room in our home needs to be flexible, adaptable and of course cope with many and varied modifications over the years. Our daughters are still very young so we wanted to ensure that their bedrooms could be fun, creative spaces too.

Sharron integrated Gyproc Habito plasterboard throughout their home allowing her to hang heavy objects, up to 15kg off one screw, without the need for wall plugs or specialist fittings. With a passion for art, every wall surface is now completely adaptable allowing Sharron and her family to continue their art collection without fear of heavy pieces falling to the floor. Gyproc Habito super-strength plasterboard has also been used on the ceilings enabling the Reetham’s to hang their 10ft cinema screen with confidence.

We’re busy people, with busy lives. When we moved into Barn Owls we just wanted to start living and enjoy our beautiful home – there’s no question that the combined impact of both products has allowed us to get on with DIY jobs quickly and with no fuss. Equally the girls love the ability to use pretty magnets to hang their artwork, and of course, no more blu-tac or ugly notice boards."

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