How homeowners can benefit from the Green Homes Grant scheme

Date: 06 October 2020

Discover how to make your home more energy efficient with the government’s new scheme.

The Green Homes Grant scheme is set to enable homeowners in England to cut the cost of their energy bills. The £2 billion scheme is being launched by the government in late September to help homes become more energy efficient and therefore lower CO2 emissions.

Homeowners can receive vouchers worth up to two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient home improvements that will benefit the environment. Under the Green Homes Grant scheme, the maximum amount granted will be £5,000, or, for those on lower incomes, up to £10,000 will be made available for certain work.

Many homeowners have reaped the benefits of previous schemes, gaining a more energy efficient home that has brought down the costs of their energy bills. But energy-related home improvements can also be crucial for health, well-being and productivity. Previously, some homeowners have lived with uncomfortable temperatures. Ensuring your home can maintain an optimal temperature is vital for thermal comfort. A lack of thermal comfort causes stress as when people are too warm, they can feel tired, and they will be restless and distracted if they feel too cold.

Various home improvement work is eligible under the Green Homes Grant scheme, including air source or ground source heat pumps, solar thermal systems, as well as solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation. 

To ensure homeowners receive high quality workmanship with quality materials, all tradespeople performing work under the new scheme must be TrustMark registered. To qualify for TrustMark accreditation, tradespeople must have undertaken comprehensive training to perform work correctly and to a high standard. 

Internal wall insulation is one of the key types of eligible improvement work with the Green Homes Grant scheme. It’s designed to maximise performance in your home and, once you’ve upgraded, there’s no ongoing maintenance or servicing to worry about. A TrustMark registered installer will be able to select the best performing internal wall insulation solution for your home. 

British Gypsum provides four internal wall insulation solutions: DriLyner TL, DriLyner RF, GypLyner Universal – Metal Frame Based, and GypLyner IWL – Metal Frame Based. DriLyner RF can be used following the removal of skirtings, fixtures and fittings etc. With this system, the board can be applied directly onto the existing cleared painted surface. If the existing plasterwork is loose then, once the loose background has been removed, DriLyner TL is the preferred solution due to its speed, ease of installation and minimal encroachment on to a room’s floor space. All four can be retrofitted, making them ideal for installation under the Green Homes Grant scheme.

After installation, it is important to be aware of what can affect your internal wall insulation system in order to maintain your home’s optimum performance – your installer will be able to provide recommendations and expert advice. 

Following this advice should enable you to make your home as energy efficient as possible and lower your fuel bills. By taking advantage of the Green Homes Grant scheme, you can look forward to relaxing in a more comfortable home. 

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