Helping tradespeople get ready for the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Date: 06 October 2020

Discover how British Gypsum is helping to make homes across the country more energy efficient.

The government is due to launch its £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme in late September, which will enable homeowners to make savings on their energy bills while lowering CO2 emissions. We’re supporting tradespeople with a range of training and products to ensure they are well-equipped to help make homes more energy efficient.

Previous similar schemes have proved hugely popular, with homeowners taking advantage of initiatives to help improve insulation within their homes. All tradespeople carrying out work under the new scheme must be TrustMark registered so that homeowners know they are receiving reliable workmanship using quality materials. To become TrustMark registered tradespeople must have PAS2030/35 accreditation, making it vital for them to receive comprehensive training in order to qualify.

One of the key types of improvement work permitted under the Green Homes Grant scheme is internal wall insulation (IWI). Our network of well-established courses enables us to support IWI installers across the country with installer training to meet requirements for PAS2030/35 accreditation and TrustMark registration. The courses have been fully approved by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and include a comprehensive range of IWI techniques and best practice. Practical training areas have been designed to replicate a typical property with sockets, radiators and external wall ventilation. 

Training is delivered by former tradespeople who help installers gain the confidence to install IWI systems correctly and to a high standard. With years of on-site experience, our trainers demonstrate how to improve insulation, minimise uncontrolled air leakage and understand the importance of moisture management and reduce thermal bridging. For tradespeople wanting to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant scheme, attending a course like this is an essential investment, providing access to expert support in selecting the best performing IWI solution for their projects.

Our four high performance insulation systems are covered in detail across the two days of the course. There is also a one-day option that covers just two of the systems, if required. The four BBA (British Board of Agreement) approved solutions using ThermaLine PIR or ThermaLine Super as the board solution are: DriLyner TL, DriLyner RF, GypLyner Universal – Metal Frame Based, and GypLyner IWL – Metal Frame Based. Each solution is suitable for retrofitting and therefore ideal for installers completing projects under the Green Homes Grant scheme.

The course provides the foundation to take a further step and become a registered IWI installer and a member of British Gypsum’s registered installer scheme. This requires an initial site inspection and ongoing yearly inspections, which we will help set up and coordinate. 

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