The PureFinish Effect

Date: 20 June 2019

Pete shares details of a barn conversion project using ThistlePro PureFinish

We caught up with Pete Townsend, a member of British Gypsum’s plasterer Scheme for over four years about a recent project where ThistlePro PureFinish was the obvious choice.

For this seventeenth-century barn conversion, Pete used a full pallet of ThistlePro PureFinish to plaster multiple bedrooms, en suites, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes.

Selling the benefits

Not all customers are open to suggestions, with some being dismissive and going for the cheapest product. Ensuring your customer is well equipped with information is essential in choosing the right product says Pete “some customers aren’t interested in specialty products, but this client was open to advice, and happy to listen to the expertise of tradespeople”.

Thanks to working closely with British Gypsum Pete was armed with a depth of knowledge about ThistlePro PureFinish and being able to explain the qualities of the product and why it was the right fit for this customer’s project was key. 

Pete’s customer, Mr White, welcomed the advice and knowledge Pete provided, saying “I wasn’t aware of the product beforehand and its technical qualities”. Thanks to Pete’s experience and knowledge of PureFinish, he was able to articulate the benefits of using it for the project “mentioning the air quality aspect was what ultimately swayed the customer”. 

British Gypsum - The ThistlePro Effect

Why ThistlePro PureFinish was the right choice

There were many rooms throughout the project that needed plastering, with large areas to work on, and when the customer mentioned the dangers of VOCs, Pete recognised that ThistlePro PureFinish was the ideal fit.

Pete explains “PureFinish was a no brainer as soon as the customer mentioned the danger of VOCs, it provides the best finish and was within the client’s budget, as well as helping the customers peace of mind.

ThistlePro PureFinish contains Activ'Air technology which decomposes formaldehyde emissions in the air into non-harmful compounds, and locks them away to improve indoor air quality.

British Gypsum - The PureFinish Effect Combined

Recommended by other plasterers

Not only are there benefits to improving air quality, ThistlePro PureFinish is well recommended amongst members of the British Gypsum plastering community. With faster set times and minimal water being needed to add to it, Pete is one of those who is a fan explaining “PureFinish is the best plaster for skimming – it trowels better and looks better once it has dried, you always know what result you’re going to get with PureFinish. It’s simply the best.”

If you haven’t had the chance to try ThistlePro PureFinish, and you would like to do so, use our stockist locator to find a merchant near you.

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