Why choose ThistlePro Magnetic plaster?

Date: 18 February 2019

Discover the flexibility of the innovative plaster

New and innovative plaster products on the market present plasterers with the opportunity to expand their offer and find a niche. In this blog, we explore how introducing ThistlePro Magnetic plaster can help to differentiate you from your competitors and we share some ideas to inspire your clients to choose a Magnetic Wall.

For clients that are looking for greater flexibility within their home, you can now offer them a truly versatile solution. Part of our ThistlePro range of performance plasters, ThistlePro Magnetic is a unique skim finish plaster that will transform any wall into an interactive space. Installed in the same way as standard plaster, the special additives in ThistlePro Magnetic attract magnets – so by simply adding magnets, objects such as pictures, posters and photographs can be easily attached to the wall, allowing the decoration in any room to be changed in an instant.

See our video for how to install

It dries to a grey colour, which can either be left as is or finished with emulsion or specialist paints such as chalkboard or whiteboard paint or even covered with wallpaper, without losing the ability to attract magnets. From display areas to interactive work and learning spaces, a Magnetic Wall offers your clients a simple renovation idea that enables them to unleash their creativity time and time again. 

Since the product was brought to market, homeowners have been inspired to use ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in a range of innovative ways. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that no matter how or where the Magnetic Wall is used, items can be moved and swapped around without any fuss or leaving any lasting damage – reducing the need for repairs and minimising on-going maintenance costs. 

Here are some ideas you could pass onto your clients to inspire them to use ThistlePro Magnetic plaster:

Transform a space

Introducing a Magnetic Wall to the home is an easy way to create a noticeboard that is fully interactive. A full-size Magnetic Wall in a kitchen or hallway can completely transform a space and give real design flexibility, while eliminating the need for pins. The space can also be used for hanging items such as artwork, coats and keys, cleanly and securely.

Thistle magnetic plaster in hallway 

Stay organised

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular so many refurbishment projects involve transforming a room into an office space. Having a creative space which will inspire and motivate can be really helpful when working from home. A Magnetic Wall can be used for brainstorming ideas, organising to-do lists or even to display training certificates and other achievements – it’s a great way to stay on top of work and have one go-to wall for inspiration and organisation.

Thistle magnetic plaster in office

Create inspiring displays 

A photo wall is a great way to collect, display and enjoy photographs all in one place, adding that personal touch to any room. Eliminating the need for blue-tac, sell-o-tape or picture hooks, photographs can be changed and added to as often as you like. It can help to add real character and liven up a space. How about creating a family tree? 

Thistle magnetic plaster in playroom

Develop a child’s learning

Installing a Magnetic Wall is not only fun and engaging for little ones, but also encourages learning through play. By using the Magnetic Wall as an interactive learning space you can help to develop a child’s personal, emotional and physical skills, as well as boost communication and language, or even mathematics and literacy. And best of all for time-pressed parents, it couldn’t be simpler to create.

Thistle magnetic plaster in childrens room

By adding ThistlePro Magnetic plaster to your portfolio you can offer your client an innovative new idea that could benefit them in the long-term. With so many different ways to use a magnetic surface, the options are endless. Understanding the benefits of the plaster and how it can be used creatively can help you stand out from the crowd.

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