A job to be proud of: Fitzroy House

Date: 16 January 2019

The first in a series of blogs showcasing plastering craftsmanship in action.

There’s a real art to achieving a perfectly flat finish on internal partitions – especially on large scale projects – so we believe that you should take pride in a job well done.

We’re starting the series with Phil Lewis, Managing Director at Taylor Hart who was the contractor on the development of Fitzroy House, Europe’s largest adolescent mental health facility. 

Tell us a bit about the project.

Fitzroy House is a purpose built, two-storey facility that provides specialised care for up to 110 young people, with some of the most complex mental health needs in the UK. The aim was to create a flexible, durable, healthy building with a robust finish that would require minimal maintenance in a very busy environment.  

Were there any specific considerations, given the building’s intended use?

Because Fitzroy House is a healthcare facility, a strong focus on quality and wellbeing was paramount at every stage of the process, particularly when it came to plastering and interior design. The client was looking for robust products that also have very good aesthetic qualities and contribute to a positive indoor environment. 

For that reason, the estates team at St Andrew Healthcare, who own Fitzroy House, were really keen to use ThistlePro PureFinish plaster with ACTIVair technology, because of its ability to absorb and convert formaldehyde into non-harmful compounds, providing a healthier internal environment. This was considered particularly beneficial for speeding up patient recovery and increasing concentration.

What products were used throughout the project?

A two-coat plaster system was chosen for its increased durability, consisting of Thistle HardWall undercoat and a skim finish of ThistlePro PureFinish. 
More than 40,000m2 of the two-coat plaster was applied to the walls by hand. A further 12,000m2 skim finish was applied to the Gypframe metal ceilings to achieve a perfect flat finish for the egg shell paint that followed. 

Were there any challenges?

The scale of the project was the biggest challenge, as we had to deliver a consistently high standard of finish throughout the building. Maintaining the correct working temperatures for installing such a high volume of plaster also proved tricky – as did sourcing and coordinating the number of skilled plasterers required to complete the job, while also timing this alongside the other trades that required access to the site. It required careful collaboration between the main contractor and ourselves, but the end result was worth the effort.

As a company, Taylor Hart are very pleased with the project, especially due to the time and programme constraints. That success has been recognised by the industry and we won Gold in the Finishes and Interiors Sector Contractors Awards 2017.

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