Raising Skill Levels with Willmott Dixon and Galliford Try

Date: 19 November 2018

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When two titans of the construction industry, Willmott Dixon and Galliford Try wanted to raise skill levels amongst their staff they turned to our Site Manager training course to get results.

Galliford Try training

Reputation means everything for large firms like Willmott Dixon and Galliford Try. Both have built their names on over a century of high-performance, high-quality construction work. As a result, clients have come to expect a certain level of excellence from the construction, housebuilding and regeneration specialists. To maintain this standard, the companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to progress their staff’s professional development. 

That is why both companies began to evaluate different training programmes to find a course that would deliver real value. For Bill Greaves, Quality & Improvement Manager at Galliford Try this meant attending a raft of different training programmes to find out which one would be most useful. During this process, Bill attended our Site Manager training course, a one-day course that offers valuable insight and advice on our range of plasterboards, partitioning and ceiling systems. 

It quickly became obvious to Bill that the Site Manager training course represented the best option available. He commented: “I was on the lookout for an effective way to raise the skill level amongst the staff and it became obvious that this was the right course. In fact, I was so impressed with the standard of teaching on the course that I immediately decided to send the rest of my staff on it.”

Galliford Try training

Bill has booked his team onto three separate sessions with our Technical Academy training staff. He’s had a further 20 people sign up in subsequent weeks and is liaising with our team on more dates to send employees. He continued: “At this point practically everyone that I work with on a daily basis has been on the course. Even our technical expert, who is considered something of a guru attended it. He said he had a very positive experience and learnt something he didn’t know.”

The experiences of Galliford Try aren’t dissimilar to that of Willmott Dixon’s Quality and Improvements Manager, Graham Thornton who estimates that he has sent around 120 of his staff on the Site Manager training course in the past two years. He commented: “The Site Manager training course is great, it’s honestly one of the most thorough breakdowns of the techniques involved in effectively fitting drylining systems. Over the past few years I’ve used the course to help raise awareness of how to install partition systems without faults.”

Galliford Try

Raising Standards

Both companies are using the course as part of their efforts to raise standards across sites and reduce the number of avoidable errors. It’s representative of a broader industry trend to minimise mistakes on-site, which are estimated to cost the construction industry £21bn a year

The construction industry is responding to the concerns with a range of different programmes and initiatives designed to minimise the cost of mistakes. Last year marked the launch of the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI), which looks to raise standards across the construction industry by working with companies to develop tailored strategies for error reduction. Both British Gypsum and Galliford Try have signed up to the initiative. Similarly, Willmott Dixon has committed itself to promoting continued improvement and was recently awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Promoting Opportunity, recognising its work in leaving lasting community legacies, promoting social wellbeing and helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds into sustainable employment. The decision to send staff on our Site Manager training course is characteristic of the efforts both companies are making to achieve this ambition.  

Get it right initiative

Bill Greaves at Galliford Try is already noticing the results: “I was on-site recently with a bunch of staff who had attended the course. I was watching them from a distance and noticed one of the site managers challenge a contractor who was installing the wall boarding. The installer seemed happy that the work was satisfactory, but the site manager disagreed. It was fantastic to see him have the confidence to challenge the work thanks to the course he had attended.”

As with all of our training courses, we run the Site Manager training course through our national network of Technical Academies. What’s more, we can also carry out training at external regional offices with the support of a mobile training rig which allows practical demonstrations to be carried out while combining theory in a training room environment. Whilst no substitute for the one-day Site Manager’s course, the mobile training allows main contractors to work around their schedules and doesn’t require the same forward planning as an offsite training course.

Galliford Try training

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