A plasterers review of ThistlePro Magnetic

Date: 07 November 2018

Pete Townsend shares his thoughts of ThistlePro Magnetic plaster

As one of the first plasterers in the UK to trial ThistlePro Magnetic plaster we look back at Pete's thoughts on using the product for the first time.

ThistlePro Magnetic is part of our performance plasters range. It contains properties that attract magnets, meaning it can turn any wall into an interactive space – sticking up notes, photo frames, artwork and printed documents.

We’ve seen our magnetic plaster installed in a variety of spaces ranging from offices and schools, to kitchens and children’s bedrooms. It’s a great solution for children to learn in an interactive manner within schools and nurseries, or in a home office or study to organise thoughts or help with revision for exams.

When ThistlePro Magnetic was launched, Pete Townsend was one of the first to use the product when he installed it on Channel 4’s Restoration Man – The Secret Bunker. Pete spoke to us about his experience using the product for the first time and his thoughts on ThistlePro Magnetic:

“When people came to look around the bunker, you could see them really pay attention to the magnetic plaster and think about how they’d use it in their home. This spurred me on to think about how I could use it for myself, so I bought some bags and installed the plaster in my home office."

Pete Plasterman Blog

“I started posting about magnetic plaster, using the channels [Facebook, Twitter and YouTube] as a place to showcase my work, but also share the benefits of magnetic with other plasterers. 

Now I encourage the plasterers I meet to try ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in their projects. It’s helped me to find a niche and expand my business, both in terms of experience and geographical reach.

There are many ways you can use magnetic plaster, but I still look for new ways of using it and encourage others to open their minds to what can be achieved with this product. I’m glad I embraced ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, and encourage other plasterers to do the same.”

Our Plaster Demonstrators introduce plasterers to ThistlePro Magnetic on a daily basis, and much like Pete, the plasterers they’ve spoken to have been impressed with its of ease-of-use and the real benefits for customers.

Plastering event for plasterers

Plaster Demonstrator, Paul Mulinganie, says that ThistlePro Magnetic is his favourite product to use as “it turns a wall into an interactive space and creates an area which can be utilised.” When on demonstrations of ThistlePro Magnetic he's often asked the same questions, answering the most common below:

  • The attraction of the wall is determined by the thickness of plaster – keep the thickness between 3-5mm
  • The product does not interfere with WiFi or electrical items
  • To avoid magnets slipping down the wall, don’t work to a polished finish
  • Metal objects won’t be attracted to the wall – similar to a fridge door, the wall only attracts magnets
  • It’s applied in the same way as standard skim finish and can be applied over a plaster background

For more information about ThistlePro Magnetic, get in touch with one of our Plaster Demonstrators, or have a look at the installation videos on our YouTube channel.

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