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Date: 01 October 2018

We caught up with James Maclean to learn more about our Site Manager’s training course.

Our popular one day Site Manager’s course helps to develop knowledge and understanding around the installation of interior systems and best practice on maintaining system performance to project specifications. We caught up with James Maclean, Senior Technical Support Representative to find out more.

What does the course offer?

We run two versions of the Site Manager’s training course. One has been designed primarily for housing site management and the other for commercial site management. Although they’re tailored for different audiences both courses feature similar content and aim to improve an attendee’s understanding of specifying and installing British Gypsum’s products and systems. This is very much a practical, ‘hands on’ course rather than traditional classroom learning.

The course covers a basic overview of our portfolio of plasterboards, explaining what each one is used for and their benefit for different purposes. We cover our four walling systems providing valuable installation tips, best practice and advice on common faults that can occur at the point of installation. 

The course also provides guidance about the acoustic and fire performance of our partitions and ceiling systems, detailing the common installation faults that could affect performance. We also cover the quality of different finishes and how that can affect a system’s performance. 

By the end of the course attendees will have a thorough understanding of the factors affecting system performance when it comes to thermal, fire and acoustics, as well as the British and European standards for interior systems. Attendees will also walk away with an understanding of the range of deflection head details on GypWall partition systems and the duty ratings on partition systems and doorway detailing. 

Over the duration of the course we impart a lot of useful knowledge, however we are also very keen to ensure the content is enjoyable. We have worked hard to create a relaxed environment where everyone can have a bit of banter whilst learning. It’s really important for us that attendees are not afraid to get stuck in and we have great discussions with each other as we go through the course. 

Site Manger training

Who is the course designed for?

The course is particularly relevant for people working in site management, but it’s also great for those looking to make a start in the industry. One of the best features is that the course can be tailored to be accessible to a broad range of people working in the trade. In fact, it’s hard to think of many construction professionals who wouldn’t benefit from completing the Site Manager’s training course. In addition, bespoke courses can be delivered which are tailored to individual projects and the systems and detailing which occur on those projects 

We have had apprentices and graduates who have only just left university and are looking to make their first steps into the business on the course as well as those with decades of experience that are keen to brush up on our products and systems knowledge and understanding. For those likely to be working with British Gypsum products, it’s a great way to really understand how our systems work and to understand the typical errors which can occur on site. 

What feedback do you get after people have completed the course?

We find that most people are really happy with what they’ve learned over the day. We have created a relaxed, interactive learning experience and that’s something we often hear. Most people leave the Technical Academy excited to put what they have learned into practice on site. We’re always open to feedback and over the years and have worked hard to implement people’s suggestions on how to improve our methods. We now have a training course that is refined and beneficial to not just site managers, but to site engineers, estimators and contractors as well. Our method of course recapping gets excellent feedback where attendees view a practically built recapping zone which has all of the faults that are covered on the course. They get 30 minutes in which to find as many faults as they can, before all the faults are explained by the course tutor.  

Site Manger training

How often does the course run?

We run our Site Manager’s course on demand, which is generally once a month. We are often approached by managers from different companies who want to arrange training for their team, but we’re also able to place individuals onto these courses too. The benefit of having a network of Technical Academies throughout the UK is that nobody has to wait too long, or travel too far, to secure a place. One of the things we’re really conscious of is class size and as such, we never let a course group exceed 15. This allows us to tailor our teachings for different individuals, which is really helpful in creating an interactive learning environment. 

For course dates and further information contact the Technical Academy Team on 07792 249874 or email:

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