Would you benefit from our Thistle Undercoat & Finish Coat Plasters Upskilling course?

Date: 27 August 2018

We caught up with Senior Technical Support Representative, Sam Blacknell to find out some of the key takeaways from our three-day Thistle Undercoat & Finish Coat Plasters Upskilling course.

Our three-day Thistle Undercoat & Finish Coat Plasters Upskilling course has been designed for a wide range of tradespeople. The course is ideal for plasterers who primarily undertake skimming work on site and want to understand the practical application and skills of applying backing coat and subsequent finish coat plasters to backgrounds. Here are some of the key benefits of completing the course.

Sam Blacknell drylining training provider

Understand the workmanship issues that can affect the surface finish of plaster.

There are a number of problems that can contribute to poor quality on a project. As such, it’s important that plasterers are able to understand what they should be looking out for when trying to attain a perfect finish. The three-day course gives the necessary insight for plasterers to select products that won’t compromise the end result. The course also helps plasterers to understand the range of backing coat plasters and their suitability for different background types. Plasterers will also learn the importance of applying finish coats on top of backing coats in a timely manner and the need to understand setting times of backing coats in readiness to apply a mechanical key with a devil float.

Get hands-on with products in a relaxed environment.

One of the biggest advantages of training through British Gypsum’s network of Technical Academies is the large practical areas we have on site. This gives people the opportunity to try techniques out for themselves without worrying about making mistakes. We operate a relaxed approach to training and believe that mistakes are inevitable on the path to becoming a better plasterer. Allowing people to get stuck in without feeling pressure has helped us to create an amazing environment for learning, which we’re proud of.

Thistle Undercoat  Finish Coat Plasters Upskilling course

Become more familiar with new plaster products and processes.

The products and processes used to complete plastering jobs continue to evolve and from time-to-time it can be necessary for plasterers to take the time to get back up-to date with what’s new in the industry. Undertaking a training course with British Gypsum is the ideal opportunity for tradespeople to do this. Not only will they be brushing up on old skills, but by developing an understanding of our newly rebranded range of Thistle finish coat plasters they can return to site knowing that they’re completely up-to date with all the latest developments. 

DuraFinish plaster MultiFinish plaster used in drylining course

Learn more about getting the most from our backing coat plasters. 

Different backgrounds require different backing coat plasters, and plasterers must be aware of what’s appropriate when on-site. Our Thistle Undercoat & Finish Coat Plasters Upskilling course will give tradespeople an understanding of the backing coat plasters available and where they should be used. What’s more, the course will teach the working methods and processes for skimming out rooms and applying backing coat plasters. This section will also highlight how to properly mix these plasters to the correct consistency and help develop an understanding of the methods for setting up screeds.

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