Setting yourself apart as a premium plasterer

Date: 20 August 2018

Discover the benefits of ThistlePro DuraFinish and how the premium plaster product can help set you apart from the competition

ThistlePro DuraFinish, our hardwearing finish plaster provides a far more abrasion resistant wall surface. Here, we highlight the product’s advantages, explaining how the use of premium products can set you apart from the competition by way of real life examples of how it has helped plasterers win business.

ThistlePro DuraFinish is a durable skim finish plaster specially formulated for increased resistance to accidental damage, such as scratching, gouging or chipping. Proven to be 60% tougher than standard plaster, the finish can withstand those everyday knocks and scrapes making it the ideal solution for stairwells, corridors, hallways, kitchens and other high traffic areas. 

ThistlePro DuraFinish

The versatile product is designed for finishing a wide range of suction backgrounds, from low suction (e.g. plasterboards) through to the medium-to-high suction of gypsum or cement-based undercoat plasters. It is also suitable for re-plastering and repair work on previously finished walls and significantly enhances the surface damage resistance to any British Gypsum partition or wall lining system.

British Gypsum Certified Plasterer
Ian Grayson has used ThistlePro DuraFinish for numerous jobs and he couldn’t praise the plaster highly enough: “It is the best finishing plaster available. And that is not just my opinion; it is the opinion of everyone I work with too. I do love using it.” 

Setting yourself apart 

Quality is imperative to customer satisfaction and key to gaining their trust. The knowledge and reassurance that you are using the highest quality materials gives the customer peace of mind. As many plasterers testify, using premium products such as ThistlePro DuraFinish can help to distinguish you from the competition. 

Certified Plasterer Aaron Pearson from Titanium Plastering Ltd explains: “When I was pricing for the front room for a gentleman in Drayton he asked me to email the quote as he was getting a few. I know that I am a bit more expensive so I just naturally assumed he would go with another plasterer. In the end he went with me as he liked the fact that I was a premium plasterer using premium products like ThistlePro DuraFinish, which gave him peace of mind that the job will be done properly.”

ThistlePro DuraFinish

Similarly, Certified Plasterer Mark Hardman has been able to drum up business offering premium products such as ThistlePro DuraFinish at a higher price point than if he was using standard products. He comments, “I don’t see any problem in asking for 10%, 15% or even 20% more than you would normally. Why can’t a plasterer charge more if they are using a premium product? Once you start doing these quality jobs with quality products, one job leads to another and then you get referrals from customers specifically asking about the product. Your customer base starts to build up thanks to the products you are using.”

For Adam Demidh, ADP Domestic & Commercial Plastering Solutions, who loves using ThistlePro DuraFinish, it is important to explain the products’ benefits when upselling to your clients: “I would use DuraFinish every time if I could, but obviously it depends on the customer and what they want. Often, after I have explained the benefits and the pricing options, a customer understands what they are getting and is willing to go with it.”

It is clear that plasterers who have tried and tested ThistlePro DuraFinish appreciate the benefits of the product and the competitive edge that it has given their business. The quality of the products that you use also reflects your level of workmanship where you can really set yourself apart as a premium plasterer. 

Some of our Certified Plasterers give their thoughts on ThistlePro DuraFinish in the video below:

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