How to ensure the building fabric on your next project is secure

Date: 22 August 2018

We tend to imagine the walls of a building as a barrier that keeps us safe from intruders.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Thousands of burglaries happen each year, where entry is gained by breaking through a wall [1]. Here, we look at the vulnerabilities of the building fabric and how you can improve this to provide utmost security to end users.

Secured by Design

When we think about securing a building, we think of locks, burglar alarms and solid windows and doors. However, in order to make a building as secure as it can be for the future homeowner or tenant, the fabric of the building itself is a critical consideration.

The Crime Prevention website states that the majority of ‘wall breakthroughs’ occur in buildings that have been converted into flats. This is because the separating walls have often been built in the most cost-effective manner to meet acoustic and fire regulations without any consideration being given to security

What’s more, once a building is erect, it can be costly to replace the walls without major expense or upheaval. Therefore, specifying strong and secure materials from the design stage of a project is much better for everyone involved.

We have developed our new Secured by Design (SBD) accredited GypWall QUIET system, which incorporates Gyproc Habito plasterboard, for exactly this type of application. GypWall QUIET is a non-load bearing, twin framed acoustic separating wall, which has been designed for use within apartments, where high levels of acoustic performance are required. It is the first system available on the market that fulfils the SBD attack requirement and also meets fire and acoustic regulations for a residential separating wall.

Secured by design

It has been tested and certified to the onerous STS 202 BR1 attack standard by Exova Wednesbury, an independent UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) approved test laboratory. It has also gone on to achieve the coveted SBD Police Preferred Specification for its inherent strength to resist physical attack, deter criminal activity and reduce crime.

Created in 1989 following the housing boom of the 1960s - 1980s, SBD seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to help people live in a safer society.

Achieving SBD’s Police Preferred Specification status requires products to be tested and certified, – so you can rest assured that the solutions will provide a consistently high level of security.

When it comes to designing a new building, it’s definitely worth speaking with SBD directly or with us to discuss your security needs.

For more information about SBD accredited GypWall Quiet system click here

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Secured by design

Secured by design accredited wall system

Secured by deisgn

The GypWall Quiet system awarded SBD Police Preferred Specification for its inherent strength to resist physical attack, deter criminal activity and reduce crime.

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