The 5 Top Benefits of our DriLyner wall lining system training course

Date: 16 July 2018

Discover the benefits of our two-day DriLyner wall lining system training course.

Our DriLyner wall lining system two-day training course develops the knowledge and practical skills required for drylining to masonry backgrounds. It covers how to set out wall linings, apply Gyproc DriWall Adhesive and fix Gyproc ThermaLine insulated plasterboards as well as standard Gyproc plasterboards. Taking place over two days, the course provides installers with a range of purpose built practical areas to develop skills in drylining.

We spoke to Sam Blacknell, Senior Technical Representative at our East Leake Technical Academy to discover his five top takeaways from the course.

1. Understanding the why

    A building’s airtightness is its resistance to inward or outward air leakage through unintentional leakage points or areas in the building envelope. It can have a huge impact on a building’s energy efficiency. The course draws your attention to the consequences of air leakage and outlines appropriate measures to minimise the risk. Installers will leave the course with the ability to understand and advise their clients on how to best protect properties from air leakage and offer solutions to related issues that they may be struggling to resolve.      

2. Become ‘Health and Safety’ savvy

    Most installers are acutely aware of how important health and safety is, but we still like to reaffirm it on the course and provide the latest updates on any recent changes in health and safety guidelines. The course also provides some key tips for staying safe on a job and outlines the necessary risk assessments that need to be conducted when working with our drylining systems.

    Drylining training course   
3. Cut down on call backs and save money

    Not all masonry background types are suitable for our DriLyner direct bond system. The age of a wall can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of a system’s installation. For example, our systems can be easily fitted onto a brick wall, but if the wall is too old it might need one of our alternative wall lining systems. The course covers how to assess different background types for ascertaining the most suitable drylining products. With this expert knowledge installers can ensure their fittings are of the highest quality, ultimately cutting down on call-backs and saving money.   

4. Mix to the correct consistency and never get caught out on site

    Our Gyproc DriWall Adhesive is a general-purpose gypsum based adhesive for dab fixing Gyproc plasterboards. By correctly measuring the mixture to get the optimum consistency you can get the most out of this particular adhesive and it is an important part of the installation process. The course covers its application on high, medium and low suction backgrounds so that installers never get caught out on-site.

    Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive

5. Get hands-on and learn new tricks of the trade

    One of the big advantages of training at our Technical Academies is that it gives installers the opportunity to get hands-on with our products when learning new skills. Nowhere is this more important than when understanding the different drylining systems for Gyproc plasterboards and ThermaLine boards.

    The course covers the importance of each method, detailing the potential consequences of not following them correctly. Some of our plasterboards, for example, need more background preparation, especially those on the same side as a window or door wall. Renovating and upgrading existing walls with Gyproc ThermaLine boards makes it necessary to return thermal boards into window and door reveals around the opening, which we go through in detail during the practical modules on the course.

    Our DriLyner wall lining system training courses have dates set on an annual basis at our national network of Technical Academies. Course attendance can contribute as evidence towards achieving a Diploma NVQ/SVQ in Interior Systems Drylining Finisher qualification.

    For more information, please visit the training section of our website:  

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