Training to enhance levels of sound insulation in your customers’ homes

Date: 12 June 2018

The world around us is getting noisier, so it’s no surprise people want to improve sound insulation in their homes. We caught up with Training Partnerships Director, Dave Hall to understand how tradespeople can extend their offer and provide a solution.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of people looking to install remedial solutions to help improve acoustic performance within a home. It’s one of the reasons we launched our two-day Sound Solutions course – to equip tradespeople with the knowledge to effectively deal with noise related issues. We recently spoke to Dave Hall, Training Partnerships Director for British Gypsum to find out the benefits of the course for installers.

Why do installers need to understand the importance of acoustic insulation?

Homes have always been susceptible to sound transference, especially in terraced houses and flats. Whether it’s a neighbour learning how to play the guitar or noisy kids in the flat above it’s essential your home is properly insulated against unwanted noise.

Recognising this trend, British Gypsum has introduced a number of building material innovations that can help address noise transmission for both new build homes and as retrofit solutions. The Sound Solutions training course has been designed to equip dryliners with the knowledge and practical skills to install these solutions.

What is covered on the course?

The course imparts real knowledge to those in the trade. It equips installers and contractors with the tools and knowledge to upgrade existing properties for sound related issues and helps build their awareness of the innovative sound solutions on the market that can be installed in new build homes.

To begin, the course covers the theory behind how noise in a home is created and how getting the building systems correct at specification stage can help increase a property’s acoustic performance.

One of the best things about our network of Technical Academies is that each has a large practical area where people can get hands-on with the products and systems. Here we can demonstrate first hand the importance of each step in building a system, for example, effectively filling the gaps between walls and ensuring everything in the system fits together as it should.

Which trades will benefit from attending the course?

The course provides builders, contractors and installers the tools to offer homeowners solutions that could make a significant difference to their home lives. It’s particularly relevant at the moment, as we’re seeing a real rise in the number of people looking to install remedial solutions to help improve the sound insulation within their homes.

For many people taking the course this will be their first complete introduction to building acoustic systems, so the course needs to be accessible to them. With that said, anyone looking to come on the course must be ready to learn as the information comes thick and fast. We like to mix it up between theory and practical so attendees don’t get bogged down in the detail or find things repetitive.

What are people’s reactions to the course?

The feedback we always get is really positive, with the general consensus being that people have come away with new skills that are highly relevant in the modern world. Before going on the course many people don’t understand the topic but by the time they’re finished there is a perceived difference. 

Find out about our Sound Solutions course from one of our trainers, David Hall. 

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