An interview with a British Gypsum Plaster Demonstrator

Date: 18 May 2018

We spoke to our colleague Gary Blackburn to find out what being a Plaster Demonstrator entails.

Working as a Plaster Demonstrator gives me the opportunity to support people in the trade. Find out below how we can help you and your business and exactly what being a ‘Plaster Demonstrator' means to those who may not have heard of us.

I’ve spent the majority of my working life in plastering, picking up the trowel as an apprentice at 16 and honing my skills in the trade ever since. After nearly 40 years of first-hand experience on site, time as a self-employed plasterer and teaching in colleges, I decided it was time to try something different without leaving the trade I’m so passionate about.

That something different came about in the form of a role within British Gypsum as a Plaster Demonstrator. I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity, and grabbed it with both hands. Safe to say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Being a Plaster Demonstrator

My role is simple; I’m here to give plasterers advice and help them get the most out of British Gypsum products. That doesn’t mean I’m here to judge, or to tell a time-served plasterer how do their job. I’m here to make jobs easier and help in any way that I can; be that giving you advice on British Gypsum products over the phone, meeting with you on trade days or joining you on site.

In the last few years plaster products have started to evolve; take our ThistlePro range for example. With these new products, techniques are also changing and as a Plaster Demonstrator I can help you keep up to date with these developments by providing all the necessary information and guidance for our entire range.

If I’m not with a plasterer either on site or on the phone, I can be found running one of our merchant trade days. Held in branches across the country, merchant trade days are a great way to come and meet us and get hands-on with new plaster products. Our British Gypsum Facebook page is a good place to get updates on when and where the next trade day will be held.

British Gypsum - Plaster Demonstrator Visit

My role, in many ways makes me the link between plasterers and British Gypsum, and that’s very much a two-way street. Not only do I relay information from the company to the trade, but I also feed back what plasterers are saying. My main focus is on building strong relationships with plasterers and to ensure any problems experienced are looked into and resolved.

When to get in touch

It’s always worth consulting with a Plaster Demonstrator if you’re unsure on a job or want to use a plaster you’ve not tried before. If you have a job coming up with one of our ThistlePro plasters for example, we can arrange to come on site and offer advice based on the background, product being used and overall site. If you’re short on time but need advice more urgently we’re always on hand to take a call.

If you’re unsure about a product’s properties don’t hesitate to get in touch via email; or call me on 07525 672 782.

We want to help you get the most out of our products and speaking with someone from the Plaster Demonstrator team is one of the most effective ways to do so. Another way we offer advice and support is through our Certified Scheme; a community of credible plasterers and members of the scheme, assessed and certified by British Gypsum. For more information on the scheme and details on how you can become a member click here.

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