British Gypsum a night at the pub for plasterers

Date: 10 February 2017

Real craft ales for real craftsmen; read how British Gypsum brought together a night of business, banter and beer.

As a Plaster Demonstrator for British Gypsum I’m constantly out and about meeting plasterers, talking shop and getting stuck in to projects. However, it’s great when the opportunity arises to meet with the guys and girls in the trade on a more informal basis and last Thursday night was a great example.

Picture this, 23 plasterers, one exclusively hired basement bar in Birmingham, two innovative & new products from British Gypsum and a whole lot of free beer and food – the scene was set for a great night.

Plastering event for plasterers

Before I go any further, if the above sounds like good fun to you then you’re in luck! We’re looking to run a number of these events for plasterers up and down the country and if you sign up to our Thistle Plaster newsletter you’ll be the first to here about the next one.

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, a great product that customers love as it creates a unique feature out of an otherwise blank wall. The plaster itself goes on like standard plaster, but a little thicker at 3mm, and shouldn’t be worked to a polished finish.


Thistle Bonding 60 undercoat plaster, a crowd pleaser for those searching for a solution for patching walls that provides a consistent 60-minute set time. We set it up next to our Thistle BondingCoat undercoat plaster and it was ready in less than half the time.

After the demos we enjoyed putting our taste buds to the test with a selection of craft ales. The firm favourite that arose from the evening was the Bacchus Cherry Beer, a nice combination of sweetness and a slightly sour after taste.

And what would a night at the pub be without a quiz to cap it off? Fiercely contested through a number of sport, picture, news and trivia rounds, the winners each claimed their prize of a brand new Premium NELAFLEX II Trowel – well done SMJ Plastering! 

Plastering event for plasterers

All was not lost, however, as everyone who attended went home with a goodie bag crammed with t-shirts, caps, pens, air fresheners and even a roll of Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape for those who wanted it.

All in all, a fantastic night to bond over beer and the trade we love.

Plastering event for plasterers

Thirsty for more? Read what happened at our Tasting Session in Leeds here.

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Plastering event for plasterers
I really enjoyed the night as it was an opportunity to meet a lot of people.. putting faces to names and a chance to share experiences and knowledge. The food was amazing 10/10, but my favourite bit was learning about the new products from British Gypsum.

Mark Hardman, @hardmanplaster