A Faster, Easier, Stronger way to finish corners

Date: 07 September 2016

Gyproc AquaBead a revolutionary new corner bead that is easier to cut and apply than any other corner beads and tapes

Gyproc AquaBead has a water-activated adhesive which provides a superior bond directly to plasterboard, and the perforations allow the cement to adhere to the plasterboard surface.

Just spray the Gyproc AquaBead with water to activate the adhesive and apply to the corner. It’s that easy to get a fast and durable perfect 90 degree corner with no mess. Gyproc AquaBead’s right angled profile makes it easy to get straight and crisp lines without the hassle and mess of using cement or fillers, screws, staples and tapes. The paper-plastic-paper design withstands impacts to prevent dents and cracks, making Gyproc AquaBead corners tough and durable.

Gyproc Aquabead a water-activated adhesive bead for touch corners

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Gyproc AquaBead