Refurbishing an art gallery in Manchester

Date: 26 April 2016

British Gypsum’s Thistle MultiFinish and Thistle BondingCoat plaster solutions have been used to put the final flourish to a £15 million redevelopment of the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. 

In a two-year project, the Whitworth Gallery was transformed with the addition of two striking new brick and glass wings, as well as a refurbishment of the original 19th Century building, more than doubling the size of the public areas. 

British Gypsum was recruited by ISG, the lead contractor on the project, to provide a high quality finish which offered a seamless transition from the interior of the refurbished areas to that of the contemporary extensions. 

As the modern materials used in the construction of the new wings had very different suction properties compared with those in the existing building, versatile plaster products, suitable for use on a wide range of backgrounds, were required. 

British Gypsum’s Thistle BondingCoat was chosen for use on concrete, plasterboard and other low-suction surfaces to prepare the walls for plastering. The space was then finished with Thistle MultiFinish final coat plaster. Designed for application on multiple backing materials, the solution was ideal for providing a smooth, uniform finish across both the refurbished floors and the new wings, linking both spaces together. 

As a result, the Whitworth Gallery has been able to achieve its goal of a renovated, extended exhibition area that sets the scene perfectly for its art collection. 

Founded in 1889, the Whitworth Gallery was England’s first art venue in a park. Part of the University of Manchester, the gallery boasts a broad art collection that is both popular with the public and of considerable cultural and academic significance. 

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