Pete the Plasterman Discusses ThistlePro Magnetic plaster

Date: 11 January 2015

“I was one of the first plasterers in the UK to trial ThistlePro Magnetic plaster when I installed it in Channel 4’s Restoration Man project ― The Secret Bunker ― and have been drawn to it ever since (pun intended)!

“When people came to look around the bunker, you could see them really pay attention to the magnetic plaster and think about how they’d use it in their home. This spurred me on to think about how I could use it for myself, so I bought some bags and installed the plaster in my home office.

“Around the same time, I also set my business up on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and I started posting about magnetic plaster, using the channels as a place to showcase my work, but also share the benefits of magnetic with other plasterers.  

“Now, two years on, magnetic plaster makes up around 25 per cent of my work load, and I put that down to embracing the opportunity British Gypsum gave me. I’ve been involved in promotional installations at various locations, including big retailers, office buildings and schools, and have also had the chance to test new products.

“Two years ago I never expected to be an advocate of one particular product, but now I encourage the plasterers I meet to try ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in their projects. It’s helped me to find a niche and expand my business, both in terms of experience and geographical reach. I used to work solely in East Midlands, but magnetic has taken me across the UK.

“There are many ways you can use magnetic plaster, but I still look for new ways of using it and encourage others to open their minds to what can be achieved with this product. I’m glad I embraced ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, and encourage other plasterers to do the same.”

Pete Plasterman Blog

Head over to Pete’s website for more information about the work he’s doing with ThistlePro Magnetic plaster. Alternatively, follow him on Twitter and YouTube and like his Facebook page for plastering tips and tutorials.

For more information about ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, visit Rooms Made For You.

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