House that sings

Date: 18 August 2015

Achieving high acoustic performance

Developed by the Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz

Roy Wilkinson, a music enthusiast, approached his architect in 1997 with the desire to hear birds sing in their natural habitat while inside his home, which inspired the creation of a futuristic treehouse designed to have the best possible acoustics.

The architect, Robert Harvey Oshatz, designed the building as requested and many years later, in 2004, construction on the futuristic structure was completed.

Now, Oshatz has revealed his one-of-a-kind creation, which is nestled into the West Hills of Southwest Portland.

To achieve the desired acoustics, Oshatz swapped traditional straight lines and rectangles for shapes that create a more fluid feel, such as curves, spirals and cones. As a result, sound waves are dispersed evenly across the room, whilst also meeting Roy Wilkinson's requirement to address the flow of music. For more information about the elaborate house visit:

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