Supporting the Industry with the Learning Hub

Date: 16 June 2015

Giving people the skills they need to succeed in the construction industry

'The forum is fantastic. Being able to talk to, and get guidance from, other trainees is a big thing for students and really helps'

In the recent Queen's Speech, the new UK Government pledged to create three million apprenticeships, many of which will be in the construction sector. These plans are crucial not only to tackle youth unemployment, but also to help close the skills gap that has the potential to hold the industry back in the future.

However, for construction companies to grow and thrive, their workers, including plasterers, must have access to the right education. This will give them the skills and knowledge they need to build high-quality homes and better buildings.

That's why British Gypsum has created the Learning Hub — an easy-to-use online resource designed to provide lecturers and students in Thistle Plaster Partnership colleges with in-depth learning materials to supplement training courses.

Alongside presentations mapped to Plastering qualifications, literature and useful videos, the hub offers health and safety information for construction projects, and data sheets for plaster, plasterboard and ceiling systems and products. It also hosts a forum where students and lecturers can chat, as well as get support from British Gypsum's Technical Academy team. The hub can even be accessed on smartphones and tablet computers, making it easier for students to access information when they are in work.

The Learning Hub has received plenty of great feedback from users. Josh Smith, a plastering student from West Nottinghamshire College, said: “I find the videos and the help on the hub interesting, especially the ones showing how to do spray finishes and use magnetic plaster. It's great to be able to access it on your mobile — it means that you can get help and ask people for advice while you're on site.

Sam Blacknell, Plastering Trainer and Assessor at the college added: “The forum is fantastic. Being able to talk to, and get guidance from, other trainees is a big thing for students and really helps with their progress. The videos and the other material go into a lot of detail, making them hugely beneficial for students.

You can find out more about the Learning Hub here.

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