London High-rise construction climbs 56 percent

Date: 19 June 2015

Do you think London will benefit from more high-rise buildings?

The number of high-rise buildings under construction in London has increased by 56 per cent from 2013-14 as developers react to a rise in housing demand.

According to results from the London Tall Buildings Survey released by New London Architecture and GL Hearn, there are around 14,800 flats which are presently under construction, with 263 tall buildings currently proposed, approved or under construction within Greater London.

Of the 72 towers submitted for planning approval over the past 12 months, 89 per cent are recorded as residential projects.

Hoping to identify further areas for new ‘clusters’ of towers, London’s deputy mayor for policy and planning, Edward Lister, said: “There is no doubt that sensibly managed and well-designed tall buildings which sit well within their surrounding have a key role to play in meeting the challenge of our rapidly increasing population.

“This research shows that the vast majority of tall buildings are being built in carefully planned clusters.”

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