Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback as part of our 2018 customer satisfaction survey. It showed us what we do well, but also where we can improve. We’ve listened to your concerns, and we’re committed to improving your experience as a British Gypsum customer.

During our 2018 customer satisfaction survey, we interviewed more than 550 customers, including contractors, resellers, architects, plasterers and housebuilders.

British Gypsum - Who we Interviewed

We achieved our highest ever satisfaction index score (89.1%), which placed us in the top 10% of manufacturing companies. We were also in the top 8% of manufacturing companies for the Net Promoter Score, which shows how likely customers are to recommend us to others.

British Gypsum - Customer Satisfaction

Many customers told us we’re ‘reliable’ and ‘easy’ to work with.

British Gypsum - Customer Survey 2018

What we do well

Since last year we’ve improved in every measure of the customer satisfaction score. Scores of 9 and above are considered world class, and we achieved more than 9 out of 10 in many areas. Here’s what some of our customers said.


One of our strongest product areas is plasterboard:
Our joint highest score was for our product range:
British Gypsum - Product Quality
British Gypsum - Range of Products
British Gypsum - Customer Satisfaction - On time deliveries
British Gypsum - Service to Resellers
Most customers told us we deliver on time. Read more about our new fleet of delivery vehicles here.

As you may know, we’re currently experiencing high demand for our Thistle plaster and Gyproc plasterboard, and this affects the speed of our delivery service. Please find out more here.
Our reseller customers gave us a score of 9.0 on the satisfaction index.

What we can improve

We’ve had some fantastic feedback, but we also know there are things we can improve on.
British Gypsum - Written Technical Information
British Gypsum - Speaking on the Phone
Some customers would like us to reduce our written technical enquiry response times. While it takes time to provide bespoke, detailed responses to all enquiries, we understand that you need answers to your questions quickly. That’s why we’re aiming to reduce written enquiry response times by one day.
Others said they’d like to spend less time waiting to speak to us on the phone. If you haven’t got time to hold, you’ll soon be able to use the call back form on our website so that one of our technical experts can give you a call. Not only will this free up your time, but it will also help us prepare a more detailed response to your query.
British Gypsum - Finding Technical Information
British Gypsum - Sales Team Visits
Many people would like to be able to find technical information on our website more easily. To help you find answers to your questions quickly, we’re working to improve our FAQ section and make it more visible from the Contact Us page. We’ll also make finding the most relevant videos, installation guides and White Book sections fast and hassle-free. Some customers would like to see a sales representative more often. If you’d like a visit, we’ll make sure we come and see you as quickly as we can.

British Gypsum - Plaster Bag Quality

We also received lots of feedback from the plasterers we work with. Many would like us to improve the quality of our plaster bags, so we’re trialling new bags in all three of our plaster plants. We’ll be testing these thoroughly over the next few months, and we aim to have improved packaging by end of 2019. 

What we've done so far...       

CSAT - Stretch Hooding
CSAT - Call Back Form
CSAT - Stockist Locator

We love to hear customer feedback at any time. Why not tell us what you think using the ‘Feedback’ button on the right side of your screen. This is the speech bubble icon in the bottom right if you’re using your phone.