Repair and maintenance solutions

British Gypsum products help you repair, maintain & improve social housing

The quality of social housing must meet Decent Homes standard in England (or its regional equivalent), and continue to be maintained to this level on an on-going basis.

This means that repairs alone are no longer enough in the social housing sector and long-term maintenance and planning is required by registered providers; local authorities and housing associations alike.

At British Gypsum we provide a range of versatile solutions for the repair, maintenance and improvement of social housing. These solutions will improve standards and reduce maintenance cycles in all property types. 

Our products cover performance such as robustness, acoustics, thermal efficiency and moisture. They are ideal for use in social housing and help solve some common problems in housing today. 

Repair and maintenance solutions

How can I find out about the full range of internal linings products and systems offered by British Gypsum?

Full details of our plaster, plasterboards, gypsum plasters, metal framing and associated fixings products, all of which can be used for building partition systems with different performance criteria (i.e. acoustic, thermal, robustness etc.) can be found on our website

Alternatively email with your query and we will be more than happy to help. 

How can I help my tenants with their energy bills and keep their homes warm?

Insulate your stock with Gyproc ThermaLine; a high-performance thermal laminate plasterboard designed for use in British Gypsum lining and partition systems. This will provide a greater thermal performance, reducing energy bills for your residents. Our systems are all BBA approved and suitable for Green Deal and ECO funding. 

See for further details see our energy efficient area for details about our insulation products which are suitable for Green Deal and energy efficiency funding. 

How can I make sure that my Contractors and DLO’s are using the right product for each job?

British Gypsum can support you and your in-house teams to select the correct products for each job and ensure the perfect finish. Receive industry leading training and qualifications from the British Gypsum Technical Academies or ask one of our specialists to come to you. Our courses can also be used as evidence towards Diplomas and NVQ industry recognised Construction skills training.

See our training courses for further details.

How can I reduce noise transmission through neighbouring walls?

We have the ideal solution to prevent noise transmission through the walls of your social housing stock and recommend that you install Gyproc SoundBloc. This is a gypsum plasterboard with a higher density core, designed for use in British Gypsum wall lining and partition systems where greater levels of sound insulation are required.

How can I stop walls and ceilings from getting easily damaged?

At British Gypsum we have products specifically designed to withstand everyday knocks and scrapes and general wear and tear. Consider using ThistlePro DuraFinish, which is up to 60% more hardwearing than standard skim coat plaster providing increased resistance to damage. ThistlePro DuraFinish not only keeps your walls looking aesthetically pleasing, but helps reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance.

Thistle HardWall is a high impact-resistant undercoat plaster with a quick drying surface. It is ideal for masonry backgrounds.

Using either of these products will provide your housing stock with increased resistance to damage and reduce your maintenance cycle. 

How can you support my merchant partners to ensure that they stock all the British Gypsum products I require?

British Gypsum has a network of 3,500 stockist to ensure national availability. We can work with you and your chosen partners to ensure stocking and stock availability to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this.

Send your queries and questions to

I have homes that suffer with damp and water damage. What do you recommend?

We recommend the use of Glasroc H TileBacker, a high performance plasterboard that provides long lasting performance against mould and water damage, this product is specifically designed for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. As well as being supplied ready primed for direct tiling, Glasroc H TileBacker is a third lighter than cement boards and can be cut to size by simply scoring and snapping. Glasroc H TileBacker is easy to use and install on the job.

With Glasroc H there’s no need for multiple products on site and the entire range uses the same fixings plus no specialist frameworks required.