Off-site manufacturing demands product that is proven, consistent, reliable and robust.

Off-site manufacturing is an increasingly popular method of project delivery across the UK, driving construction efficiency, cost certainty, increased quality along with faster project delivery and accelerated return on investment.

Recognising this shift in building technology and project delivery, we have worked extensively to deliver a suite of product solutions and services that offer tangible benefits to the manufacturing process:

  • Savings in manufacturing cost through process reduction
  • Predictability in product quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Durability of product to ensure it satisfies off-site applications
  • Certainty that products comply with national Building Regulations as part of the overall system
  • Environmental sustainability

We offer a range of product options to meet the specific demands of the project – from improving indoor air quality with our Activ'Air technology to boards with specialist properties that can offer water resistance, improved acoustic performance or increased fire protection.

If you would like to discuss how our off-site products and services can meet your needs, or have any questions, please email