Domestic Technical Handbooks (Scotland)

Domestic Technical Handbook: Section 5 - Noise

On 1st October 2010 a new version of the Domestic Technical Handbook Section 5: Noise came into force in Scotland. This document was introduced following the first major review, for over 20 years, of the design performance requirements of previous technical handbooks.

Section 5 aims to limit the transmission of sound to a level that will not threaten the health of occupants from sound transmission emanating from attached buildings or a differently occupied part of the same building. Since October 2010, it also covers sound from within the same dwelling if occupants are in rooms where they would expect to have some degree of peace and quiet.

Summary of 2010 changes to Domestic Technical Handbook Section 5: Noise

  • A new scope covering all dwellings and residential buildings.
  • An increase in the sound insulation performance of separating walls and separating floors.
  • Introduction of Post-Completion Testing for all separating walls and separating floors.
  • Guidance for carrying out work to existing buildings, e.g. conversions.
  • A new standard to reduce noise between rooms within the same dwelling (in particular around sleeping areas).

British Gypsum’s Residential Sector Solutions guide to meeting the requirements of Domestic Technical Handbook Section 5: Noise, has been developed to assist housebuilders, architects and specifiers, who design and construct new homes in Scotland.

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