Gypframe Metal & Metal Accessories

23rd June 2021 – 10.00

Strong global metal demand is resulting in shortages, order backlogs and increased prices for most steel products. Supply and demand is likely to rebalance within the next few months, however global dynamics are likely to continue to drive increased prices.

During this period, in order to support our customers as fairly as possible, we will continue with our process of product allocation for Gypframe Metal and Metal accessories as implemented in May 2021.

We have worked hard across this year, producing at our maximum capability, to maintain supply levels above forecasted volumes and we continue to work closely with all our partners across our supply chain to increase production and raw material sourcing so we can continue to meet the increased demand requirements of our customers.

We have previous experience of operating an equitable product allocation system positively, working with our partner customers on their requirements. Our aim is to ensure product is fairly distributed to our existing partner customers, whilst allowing us to restore our usual service charter offer as quickly as possible. Our Gypframe metal products are being delivered to our usual merchant, distributor and DIY stockist customers according to their advised allocation volumes so please liaise with your usual stockists regarding your product requirements.

We appreciate that allocation means we may not be able to support your full product requirements in the short-term, and this brings complexity to managing your business, however your support in ordering your normal volumes on other product ranges is appreciated.

As demand levels continue to increase and raw material supply remains highly volatile, we know our normal high service levels are currently being impacted by the short notice of the availability on some of our Gypframe metal products, and this is often affecting orders you have already placed with us. We apologise for these delays in fulfilling your orders.

If you have any questions relating to orders which have been placed and not yet delivered, please contact our Customer Services team on 0800 225 225.

If you have any other questions relating to the Gypframe Metal & Metal Accessories mechanism allocation, please contact your Account Manager or regular contact at British Gypsum.

British Gypsum - Metal Allocation