British Gypsum takes action to reduce waste

East Leake-based British Gypsum has taken action to reduce waste and eliminate the use of single-use drinking bottles and cups within the company.

Prompted by the global campaign to reduce plastic use, British Gypsum has given every one of its 1600 employees (both at East Leake and its other five operational sites nationwide) a reusable cup and bottle.

The aim is to reduce waste and costs and encourage employees to be more sustainable at work, as well as at home. In addition, the campaign promotes health and wellbeing by encouraging everyone to drink more water.

At the East Leake site alone, this investment could prevent over 32,000 plastic cups being thrown away every month.

British Gypsum reduces plastic cup waste at head office  

British Gypsum’s Sustainability Analyst, Rhea Akiens explains: “We are proud to be one of the companies taking a proactive approach to addressing the plastic disposal issue.  When we looked into our own company use of plastic, it was clear we needed to take action.  At East Leake we calculated that the cups used were costing our business £2,500 year to buy and over £500 to dispose of.  A reusable cup costs £4 - we have worked out that the payback on this simple investment could take just six months.

“We are also investigating other areas of our business where we can eliminate or radically reduce plastic use.”

Reducing plastic waste at British Gypsum

This move has been welcomed by all involved.  The project forms part of a ‘Big Little Moves’ campaign which promotes how small actions can have big impacts when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

Reducing plastic waste at British Gypsum

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