Responsible Sourcing

Without raw materials our business is therefore unsustainable.

Since 2007 we have been working with our suppliers to reach the benchmarks outlined in our Responsible Sourcing Strategy.

There are five key areas of focus from our Supplier Charter, on which our strategy is based, and these are integral to how we manage our supply chains. Building on our Principles of Conduct and Action, we review our suppliers on a regular basis against the following:

Respect the right to development

Suppliers guarantee their employees a decent standard of living. They participate as much as possible in the development of the country they operate in and work with all types of companies in compliance with this charter.

Employee rights

Ensuring their own staff, suppliers and subcontractors comply with the legal rules and regulations applicable in the countries where they operate, as well as the norms set out by the International Labour Organisation concerning workers rights, especially in the area of social security, working hours and conditions, compensation and when it comes to exercising freedom of association.

Occupational Health and Safety

Suppliers and subcontractors endeavour to take the necessary steps to ensure occupational health and safety. Suppliers inform the Saint-Gobain Group of any hazards or risks associated with their products or services.

Legal compliance commitment

Suppliers carry on their activities in strict compliance with applicable domestic and international legal standards.

Environmental commitment

Suppliers and subcontractors implement policies on managing and improving manufacturing processes, which are designed to limit their environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of the products they supply. Suppliers limit their impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Certified Responsible

We became the first plaster and plasterboard partition manufacturer to achieve a BES 6001 ‘Excellent’ rating for our UK manufactured Gyproc plasterboards, Glasroc specialist boards, Thistle plasters, Gypframe metal products and Gyproc Cove. We recognise the importance of independently verified Responsible Sourcing Certification to provide assurance to customers that they are sourcing materials responsibly and sustainably. This means that the vast majority of our products are now certified to the highest level in terms of responsible resourcing to BES 6001.