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We want to update you on the improvements we have made following our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Based on the feedback from our Jan-Feb 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we've listened and taken action. Here's what we've accomplished as a result.

At the start of this year, we asked our customers for feedback on their experience with us over 2022. The survey was conducted independently by TLF Research and gave us an understanding of what our customers’ priorities are and how we perform against these.

We have since used this feedback to continuously improve our products and services to ensure we meet our different customers’ needs whether they sell, specify, or install our systems and solutions.

The Results:

Overall, we spoke to 594 British Gypsum customers and we’re proud to say that 92% are satisfied or very satisfied with us.* 
(*594 responses across all customer types unweighted that gave a satisfaction score of 7 or more out of 10) 

For those who sell our systems and solutions our top-scoring customer touchpoints include the ease of placing orders, the quality of our products, interactions with our customer service team and delivery notifications. 

Our distributors and merchants told us they needed more flexibility with their deliveries. We have since expanded the number of out-of-hours delivery slots. This will help our customers to improve road safety and congestion and increase their stock availability at the start of the day.

For those who install our systems and solutions our top-scoring customer touchpoints include product quality, range of products, ease of installation and products and systems meeting their performance needs.

Some installers mentioned that they were not aware of the different types of training that we provide. With several training academies across England and an online learning platform, we’re committed to upskilling the industry, raising competence, and inspiring a new generation. You can view our training courses here and CPDs here.

For those who specify our systems and solutions our top-scoring customer touchpoints included product quality, innovation, health & safety and experience with our sales team.

Our specifiers told us that they highly value the technical information on our website but some struggle to find what they need quickly.

The continuous improvements we have made so far include:

  • Adding 659 new ‘Moisture resistant’ specification variants to our White Book Specification Selector. These can now be added to a project and included in generated Project Information Packs.
  • New filters in our White Book Specification Selector to make it easier to find the right solutions for projects. This includes being able to select specifications based on ‘products used’ (filtering all specifications that use selected products), what ‘System’ they are part of, whether they are moisture-resistant specifications, and the ‘Stud Type’ they use.
  • We are also offering FREE training on how to make the most out of our website when specifying our products and systems. If you would like to register your interest let us know by emailing us at
  • We are also receiving more bespoke technical requests relating to fire safety. We have therefore upskilled our technical support staff with an ‘Institute of Fire Engineers’ qualification so we can provide expert advice.
  • Our mission is to build better for people and the planet and we want to help our customers with their sustainability initiatives too. Our specifiers wanted more transparency on our sustainability goals which can be viewed in our roadmap here.

Thank you to each and every customer who took the time to participate in the survey. The results help us to understand what matters most so we can prioritise our efforts to create a positive customer experience.