School library donation boosts literacy for local pupils

We helped foster a lifelong passion for reading among pupils at Burton-on-the-Wolds Primary School by contributing £4,730 towards a new library.

The school, near our Barrow upon Soar site, hopes the new library will boost literacy and provide new learning opportunities for pupils. However, Head Teacher Claire Wilson and her leadership team wanted to go even further, with a school library that encourages reading for pleasure as well as academic attainment.

Claire explained: “I’m very passionate about children not only learning how to read, but to love reading.

“Our books were very dated, so we looked into ways that we could fundraise for newer titles. But we also recognised that our library was tired, dull and uninviting, not to mention disorganised – it needed a complete a transformation to make it into a functional learning space.

“To really celebrate reading, we knew we’d need a library where children would want to come and spend time, as well as better showcased the books and encouraged engagement with literature.”

As well as a wide range of captivating titles, the library features forest-themed furniture including bespoke shelving in the shape of trees, flower-shaped tables and chairs, and a tree in the centre that children can sit under while they read.

With an improved organisational system, it’s now easier than ever for children to find a book at their level that matches their interests. It’s also the perfect setting for lessons about library skills, which teach pupils techniques for discovering the perfect book.

The benefits of the new library are set to transcend the school gates, giving children throughout the local community more opportunities to learn and explore reading. Claire said: “We intend to expand this library into a real community space, which local families, the nearby preschool and community groups will also be able to come and enjoy.”

She added: “British Gypsum couldn’t have been more supportive. They’ve helped us to make a real difference to our pupils and we’ve been absolutely delighted by their support.”

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