Fire Protection

New test data for our frameless structural fire protection system for castellated beams

We have carried out new structural steel fire tests to support specifications for our frameless structural fire protection system, FireCase, providing a tested solution on castellated as well as solid beams in response to customer feedback.

The tests were carried at an independent UKAS Accredited testing laboratory with the data collected for FireCase for use on castellated beams in accordance with EN 13381-9 standards and includes 30, 60 and 90-minute specifications.

Charles Morris, Head of Framing and Systems at British Gypsum, said: “As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on delivering both innovative new solutions and positive improvements to our product ranges by listening to and acting on feedback from our customer base, which is why we have expanded the capabilities for our FireCase system to meet a crucial industry need.

“Thanks to testing and with the backing of substantiated technical evidence, our FireCase offering provides even more passive fire protection.”

FireCase is a frameless structural steel encasement system that provides fire protection to a wide range of universal beam, column and joist sizes. It provides up to 120 minutes of fire protection for a range of solid beams, and up to 90 minutes of fire protection for castellated and cellular beams. Its frameless construction helps to reduce installation time and increase the amount of available floor space.

The drive towards lighter-weight construction castellated or cellular beams is becoming increasingly prominent in the construction industry, which has prompted British Gypsum's testing update. This expansion will enable new construction projects with castellated beams to specify FireCase, and be eligible for a SpecSure® lifetime warranty, subject to the usual terms and conditions.

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