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New industry leading fleet of HGV’s launched as part of our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future

As part of our commitment to ensuring that our products are delivered to our partner construction customers in an efficient, secure, safe and sustainable way, we have invested £7 million in our fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) significantly reducing our impact on the environment and improving driver comfort and safety at the same time.

The latest fleet of vehicles is an industry first. Signifying yet more progress as we continue on our journey to being net carbon zero by 2050 and highlights our continued commitment to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) status.

Fueled by Bio-LNG and HVO

Fueled by a combination of sustainable fuels, 23 of the HGVs will be powered by Bio-LNG (liquified natural gas), and the remaining 53 will be fueled by HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil). Expected to cover approximately 150,000km each year, the sustainable fuel will provide a 90% reduction in greenhouse gases, when compared to the outgoing fleet, and a 30% overall reduction across the total network.

In addition to the reduction of greenhouse gases to help improve our impact on the environment, the space within the cabs has also been improved to help provide a higher level of comfort, safety and productivity. To improve the welfare experience of our drivers, each cab also provides an adjustable steering wheel with neck-tilt, a fully electronic air conditioning system with sun and air quality sensors, as well as a fridge and a microwave.

Industry leading safety features

Safety has also been prioritised, with each HGV benefiting from an extended catwalk behind the cab to give the driver a safer place to operate, and each is equipped with an Electronically-controlled Brake System (EBS). For additional safety, the trucks are fitted with blind spot detection sensors, audible alarms for reversing and turning left, 360-degree CCTV cameras, ‘RollGuard’ technology to eliminate the risk of trailer roll-away, and a solution called CoupleSafe, that alerts the driver if the trailer is not connected correctly.

This latest investment is just one step we have taken towards meeting our sustainability goals and make sustainable construction easier to achieve for all of our partner construction customers.