Green Energy

Cutting CO2 emissions at our mines

Two of our mines have made changes that will cut CO2 by 175 tonnes combined each year - the equivalent of more than 430,000 miles in a diesel car.

As part of our purpose to make the world a better home, we’ve committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Achieving this means transforming every part of the business, and our gypsum mines are already making great strides.




Our Barrow upon Soar mine in Leicestershire has invested £2 million in two lithium battery-powered gypsum haulers. The haulers, which transport extracted gypsum to the surface of the mine, replace diesel-powered units, and will cut CO2 from underground mining by a quarter.

These will be the first lithium battery-powered rock haulers of their kind in an underground mine in the UK and Europe, meaning British Gypsum is leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The technology will also lessen employees’ exposure to exhaust gas, helping to keep mine operators safe and healthy. This is one of many steps on the mine’s journey to net zero, and we aim to replace a third diesel hauler by 2024.




At our Birkshead mine in Cumbria, a £300,000 fan upgrade is set to save 75 tonnes of CO2 a year. The two new fans are more than twice as efficient as the previous ventilation system, halving the electricity used. Mine ventilation is essential as it keeps the atmosphere that operators breathe safe from diesel exhaust particles and other emissions.

Mike Emson, Operations Director at British Gypsum, said: “This significant investment in a new fan system will not only deliver significant energy saving benefits, but it will provide appropriate ventilation to keep the atmosphere in the mine safe.”

These are just two of many carbon-cutting initiatives taking place at British Gypsum. Read about our new fleet of sustainable HGVs, which are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.